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Malachite With Turquoise Crystal - Handmade Tree Of Life Orgone Pyramid

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Malachite With Turquoise Crystal - Handmade Tree Of Life Orgone Pyramid
Handmade Tree of Life Orgone Pyramid 50mm Malachite with Turquoise Crystal Reiki Energy Healing


Malachite, turquoise, copper, golden pieces, resin, love

Orgone functions: continuous operation; It transforms negative energy into positive energy; Cleans the atmosphere, detoxifies the water; Helps plants grow better; It often cures insomnia and chronic nightmares; Helps to awaken the innate heart-inspired officer. Provide strong vitality support, maintain human health, energy, and reduce physical damage caused by environmental pollution.

Size: Approx.50mm

The package includes a 1pc orgone pyramid with an exquisite packing box.


As early as 4,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians mined a mine between Suez and Sinai, using malachite as a child's amulet. Malachite is lucky and avoided. In oriental culture, it is a symbol of a man of deep love for his wife. In the Western Rome concept, malachite is named after a mother-of-pearl goddess who is meant for totem-like peacocks. Therefore, it is believed that western malachite has the power of a god. The role of malachite is to drive away bad. Revive your spirit and defend peace. Malachite is an indispensable product for foreigners and a talisman for some children. There is also a psychological performance of malachite and the attractiveness of the arrival of true love. Massage the temple with malachite to soothe the nerves of the brain and eliminate stress. Using malachite in the heart to rub gently into it can eliminate the sharp mood swings caused by fear, depression, or intimidation. Whether it's physical or psychological, there is essentially a calming effect.

Malachite can increase the ability of the spirit, it can be close to the heart, it can increase the ability to be loved, and promote honesty to friends. Turquoise is considered the December birthstone, symbolizing victory and success, and is known as the "stone of success" and "stone of happiness". Bring courage and confidence, full positive energy.

Scientifically, turquoise is rich in various trace elements required by the human body, which has a great effect on human health and has heat purification and detoxification effects, anti-inflammatory and sterilizing, calming and lowering blood pressure. It can help strengthen the body, boost the body's immune functions, eliminate disease, stabilize the mood, and increase the brain's ability to respond. Turquoise also promotes cell regeneration.
Turquoise is the 12th stone of the zodiac. Turquoise stones have spirituality and it is said the stone can sense the owner's heart and eliminate any disease they may have.

Since it is a handmade product and the crystals and stones are different from each other, it is normal for it to look different. But the difference makes each Orgone pyramid unique. Orgonite pyramid crystals are made of metal orgonite and various natural source crystals from different parts of the world. Powerful vibrational energy is generated when natural chakra crystals react with organic energy that brings positivity all around.

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